Wooden Deck cleaning

How we clean your wooden Deck

Timber decking can quickly be covered in algae and become extremely slippery, this can be dangerous and if there is enough build up of dirt and biological growth then rot can set in and will destroy the decking.

Firstly we identify the type of timber be it soft or hardwood and ascertain any previous treatments or coatings. This will have a big impact on the course of action with your decking.

Wooden Deck Cleaning South Wales
Wooden Deck Cleaning Llanelli

Next a Gentle Pressure Rinse

We wouldn’t call the next process a power wash as this suggests using high pressure. High power washing can be very damaging to timber as it can quickly fur up the surface and cause damage to the fibres, so the process we use is more of a gentle rinsing of the surface to loosen dirt, grime and clear away the worst of the slime and algae.

Should Chemicals Be used on Decking?

Some chemicals that are commonly used on paving can be extremely damaging to wood and can destroy the Lignin fibres, especially high alkaline cleaning solutions. We would never recommend bleach for example. The key is a gentle approach with deck cleaning so we treat with a broad spectrum biocide at a very particular concentration to ensure all of the algae, fungus and rot is killed off without damaging the wood fibres.

Ongoing Protection and Maintenance

At this point if the decking has been coated with some kind of paint then another coat can be applied. If the deck has a natural finish we would strongly recommend that it is not painted as this can trap moisture below the surface and encourage rot. Another disadvantage of painting deck is that it will soon start to crack and peel off looking unsightly and then the only course of action is to keep painting it and it will likely rot away much more quickly.

Timber deck should be able to last at least 25-30 years, even in the British climate if it is just gently rinsed and treated each year.

If you would like to enhance the appearance of the wood and maintain the warm tones then a penetrating product such as decking oil would be recommended by myself as it can add moisture without holding any damp or encouraging rot.

I would also certainly recommend products supplied by Owatrol  due to the professional advice and products that they supply. Feel free to contact myself should you require any further advice about maintenance of your decking. I can help with cost effective solutions with commonly used softwoods such as Pine and Spruce and along with premium and fashionable hardwood like Balau, Ipe and of course the more traditional Oak and Teak.

Quick Tip: Keep the Deck clear of plant pots and furniture over the winter

One last tip is to refrain from putting plant pots on your decking as a great deal of moisture is trapped underneath especially if the plants are watered regularly, this causes rot which presents itself initially as a darker colour underneath the pot and eventually it will destroy the structure of the deck until it crumbles away and breaks up. Also it’s is best to keep furniture off the deck during the winter or if that’s not possible, regularly move it’s location slightly to allow the decking to dry out underneath. This simple step will mean you will enjoy many more years on your decking.