Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, jet washing or power washing is the use of high pressure water to clean surfaces. Within this category there is a myriad of different equipment types and uses, from a domestic electric Pressure washer suitable for washing a car to ultra high pressure machines used to demolish buildings!

We have a range of the best industrial equipment to efficiently and quickly clean outside spaces to a fantastic standard.

Pressure Washing South Wales
Pressure Washing Llanelli

Firstly an understanding of the surface being cleaned is required. Each surface on a building requires a slightly different approach to cleaning and for some surfaces only the most gentle of pressures should be used. We have fully adjustable pressure washing and jet cleaning equipment so that we can adjust the pressure to just enough to do the job but not so much that any damage or unnecessary erosion is caused to the surface. We can clean from 5 bar, which is around the same pressure as your hosepipe, right up to 250 bar, depending on the job.

Often we will treat surfaces to kill any biological growth before jet washing, we can then lower the pressure settings and get the same fantastic results.

Next we use the right kind of equipment to do the job. For large flat areas such as driveways and patios we generally start with a flat surface cleaner this is a large rotary cleaner that can cover a staggering amount of square footage very quickly. It’s important that the right temperature is also used. We can adjust the temperature setting from 20 degrees centigrade up to 150 degrees, this then becomes classed as superheated water as it is heated under pressure. Hot water is a natural emulsifier and is extremely useful for cleaning certain surfaces.

The right kind of nozzles are then selected. This makes a huge difference to the way that the water behaves and it is essential to have a range of nozzles to suit each surface.

The detailed pressure washing work can then be done with a range of different lances. As a flat surface cleaner can’t get into each nook and cranny this step is followed up with a lance and a keen eye for detail. We carry around half a dozen different lances in the van and each has a specific purpose from blowing weeds out of block paving to gently rinsing down walls after the job. We also have long reach pressure washing and steam cleaning equipment that allows us to clean at height without leaving the ground.

That takes us to the next step, after another chemical post treatment, it is then time to rinse everything down. Jet washing can be quite messy and time spent on the clean up is essential for a great quality job. We have an enviable reputation for delivering fantastic results and delighting our customers with our pressure washing service in Llanelli, Swansea and South Wales.