Patio cleaning and Repointing

Patio Cleaning and Repointing

We offer a full restoration service to paving and patios. Of course the patio or paving first needs to be thoroughly cleaned and treated see  block paving cleaning This will remove all black spot Lichen, moss, fungus and general grime. A treatment is also applied to sanitise and kill off these growths.

We had so many customers asking us to assist us with the broken and crumbled pointing on their paving that we decided to look for solutions to the problem.

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One problem is when a dry sand and cement mix is used to point the patio after installation. This kind of weak mix is generally done as the lowest cost solution and is not very long lasting. After a couple of years it cracks and breaks up harbouring moss and weeds and they continue to grow causing further damage. Even strong wet mix pointing expertly installed can suffer the same problem if the base is too soft. Ideally a fully compacted sub base with full bed installation is the best and longest lasting way to install a stone patio.

If you are having problems with your pointing it is possible to remedy the problem, however it calls for something more substantial than the brush in pointing compounds that are available in the DIY stores. We have found that even the more expensive resin based jointing compounds have a very short lifespan and a very high failure rate.

After cleaning the old pointing needs to be removed and then replaced with a more resilient product.

In order to find a solution for our customers we turned to products more commonly used in civil engineering projects and extremely high and heavy traffic areas. These kind of products are designed to be installed and then forgotten about, literally for decades. For more information on one range of products we use see instarmac.

After several years using these products we can confirm the following advantages:

1. A seamless surface
2. Rapid setting and installation
3. Shrinkage compensated
4. Exceptional bond strength
5. Cost effective
6. Ascetically pleasing finish
7. High resistance to weed and moss growth
8. Professionally installed and it will be sound for decades

Please feel free to call for advice and a permanent solution to pointing and jointing your paving.