Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning

Having a lovely clean driveway can really boost the curb appeal of your property and it is one of the most straightforward ways of enhancing the look of your home.

Over time your drive may have become dull, dirty or covered in moss. This can easily be rectified by calling us to clean and restore it for you. We are experts in cleaning and maintaining every possible surface you may have on your driveway including block paving, tarmac, resin, imprinted concrete or natural stone. We mainly cover the Llanelli and Swansea area working in all SA postcodes.

Firstly we will ascertain the cause of the problem, it could be moss, fungus weeds, black spot Lichen or other staining causing your driveway to look dirty and drab.

Driveway Cleaning South Wales
Driveway Cleaning Llanelli

First Control the weeds with a Pre Treatment

Often some form of weed control is the first course of action, if there are deep rooted weeds in your block paving for example, it is important that these are treated with a weed killer that will penetrate to the roots before the area is pressure washed. If this isn’t done the weeds may reappear in very short order. also a pre-treatment to kill the moss can be very useful.

Skilled Pressure Cleaning using the Best Equipment

Secondly, pressure washing a driveway is often a great way to give it a deep clean. However care is always taken by us to use the right kind of pressure, temperature and nozzles for each given surface. The level of pressure and type of chemicals used to clean block paving for example would be totally different to tarmac or concrete paving.

We have invested in a range of the most effective equipment for pressure washing flat surfaces including a superheated steam cleaning system that can deliver remarkable results using lower pressure. We also have large industrial surface cleaners to get the job done quickly and well, plus a whole host of lances to ensure the correct equipment is used for each surface for the best results and least erosion to the surface.

Chemical Cleaning and Softwashing

Thirdly a chemical post treatment can really help get the best results when cleaning your driveway, this can be useful for cleaning away the most stubborn black spots on the paving and means that less pressure needs to be used in the cleaning process. Often a biocide post treatment is also beneficial to control moss growth and offer some protection.

Ongoing Maintenance

The fourth thing to think about is ongoing maintenance, over the years we have found that flat surfaces require some kind of maintenance every year, sometimes only a chemical softwash clean is required each year to keep the drive looking great but we will always leave you with a cost effective maintenance plan for your drive to take the hassle out of any future maintenance.

Should I Seal my Driveway?

Sealing driveways can be a great way to make the surface lower maintenance, especially block paving. Please see our block paving sealing page here for more information  Other surfaces such as some natural stone can really benefit from sealing as it makes the surface far less porous which means it stays cleaner for longer. Also an added benefit is that it is far more resistant to staining as stains will not penetrate through the substrate

We are SMARTSEAL  registered installers, as this is one of the best known range of sealing products in the UK and they offer a range of different high quality sealing products.