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Playground and Sports Facilities

Do you look after a playground or a sports facility? If you need help cleaning and maintaining the surfaces, look no further as we can help.

Playgrounds and sports facilities such as tennis courts can be challenging to clean and care for as they often are constructed with tarmac, rubber wet pour, coated concrete or a combination of the above. Tarmac and wet pour in particular can be an ideal habitat for moss growth and the surface can become slippery as a result. Besides the usual dirt, grime and moss, often graffiti and chewing gum can also detract from such surfaces. Another challenge with these surfaces is the sheer size, and often no mains water is present. We can access water with our standpipe if needed and we have the right equipment to clean these large areas quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

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Care needs to be taken cleaning wet pour rubber as a gentle approach is needed, merely blasting these all weather surfaces with the highest pressure possible will only cause damage. Often we see where attempts have been made to clean but unsightly stripes have been left and the surface looks very patchy. It’s important to use the right nozzles, temperatures and detergents to do the job well without causing damage. Our cleaning system uses super heated steam and industrial flat surface cleaners, we also use a special blend of detergent to bring these surfaces up like new. We have conducted playground cleaning for councils and Schools and they have been astounded at the results.

We can also clean the graffiti from playground equipment and remove stubborn chewing gum deposits that have been ground into the surface. Call Fidelta for a top class cleaning service of any exterior surface.