Cladding Cleaning

Cladding Cleaning

Cladding is often used in commercial buildings and can be made up of various different materials including coated steal and aluminium, timber and various other materials.

Firstly, we can carefully and gently clean your cladding and get rid of algae, general dirt and grime and other contamination. It can also be a great idea to treat cladding to sanitise and kill off algae and mould spores as it can help it stay clean for longer.

By their nature commercial buildings are often very large and access can be difficult. We have the training and equipment to work on the highest and largest of buildings safely, quickly and efficiently. We are able to bring scaffold towers, mobile work platforms or cherry pickers, specialist high reach equipment and rope access solutions to tackle the largest and most challenging jobs. We are also specially trained in working at height, roof top working and the use of fall arrest and man safe systems.

Over time cladding can become faded and the surface can become oxidised giving it a dull powdery appearance. This oxidation along with other staining can often be cleaned away restoring the cladding back to its original condition and saving you thousands of pounds on replacement or repair.

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Roof Cladding and EDPM membrane roofs can often also benefit from a planned cleaning schedule as a great deal of dirt, algae and moss can thrive in these areas.

Generally caution is needed when cleaning cladding as high pressure can cause damage to the coating. We only use environmentally friendly and effective detergent along with low pressure to clean cladding as this is the gentlest way with the best results in terms of longevity. The cladding will be cleaned and disinfected using this method to kill off any biological growth or spores that may be lurking in the gaps between the cladding sheets.

Often it can form part of a rental agreement that the exterior envelope of the building be kept in good condition and companies can be hit with very expensive claims for dilapidation. If you are looking to clean or restore your cladding then please contact us as we can help negate these costs.

Often Cladding cleaning needs to take place out of hours or overnight, we can offer overnight and out of hours cleaning to minimise any disruption to your operation. Call now and we can quickly get your building looking brand new again.