Pebble dash cleaning

Pebble and Spar dash Cleaning

Due to its delicate nature special care needs to be taken when cleaning pebble dash, however it is possible to clean pebble dash and Spar dash and the results can be extremely good.

The dark staining and discolouration on pebble dash is often caused by the common fungus Gloeocapsa magma and often is accompanied by red staining from species of algae in the Trentepohliaceae family.

Pebble Dash Cleaning South Wales
Pebble Dash Cleaning Llanelli

Many people ask: “How can I clean my pebble dash?”

Chemical cleaning can be extremely effective for brightening up pebble dash. The process is similar to Render Cleaning, Power washing, or even using a hosepipe on full pressure can knock the decorative aggregate off the render so it is essential to take a very low pressure approach. This is where an effective chemical clean comes into play. A chemical treatment can be used to kill the algae and fungus and this will then gradually clean up with the weather cycles over a period of time. This is a very cost effective way of restoring the look of the walls without painting them.

Another question: “Is it a good idea to paint my pebble dash walls?”

If you are planning to decorate your pebble dash walls it’s essential to clean away the fungus otherwise the paint will blister and fail in very short order. What we usually recommend is that we clean the pebble dash for you and you may be surprised how clean it looks. Overtime however a lot of the aggregate may have been lost from the surface so once it is cleaned you can take a view on redecoration. Feel free to call us for any advice on caring for your Spar or pebble dash walls.