Roof cleaning and Moss removal

Roof cleaning and Moss removal

We specialise in Cleaning all kinds of roofs and providing maintenance treatments to keep your roof looking clean. You may be asking if roof Cleaning is a good idea, well the benefits of this are a great looking roof, plus it keeps your roof tiles and structure in good condition by reducing the erosion that can happen with moss growth and the accompanying expansion and contraction of moss that can cause damage. Another benefit is is that gutters are often much better able to cope with rain water when they aren’t being blocked up by moss.

Roof Cleaning and Moss removal South Wales

The roof cleaning process starts with a survey to determine the type of roof structure and tiles, the level of staining and moss growth, also to determine the access methods required.

Several variables go into deciding the methods used:

  1.  We take the gentlest, most sympathetic, least erosive option
  2. Customer requirements and timescales
  3. The level of moss and Lichen growth
  4. The condition and construction of the roof
  5. The method that will keep the roof clean for the longest
  6. The safest and most cost effective means of access
Roof Cleaning Llanelli
Roof Cleaning Carmarthen

We will tailor our approach to your individual roof and requirements.

Scrape and Biocide Method

Often we recommend manual moss Removal with specialist hand tools to remove the moss followed by a treatment to further clean the surface and provide protection. This approach takes a little bit longer to achieve the final result but can be a great option in many situations where using large volumes of water would not be a good idea.

Softwash and low pressure Method

Another method we use is a softwash treatment chemical to kill the moss and biological growth before it is removed. Once the moss, Lichen and fungus is dead it is much easier to then gently rinse away using a low pressure rinsing nozzle. The surface is then clean and can be treated to further mop up any spores and provide some residual protection. This method has the advantage of an immediate result as the roof tiles will go back to the original colour and the roof in many cases looks brand new on the same day.

Biocide Treatment

Treatment of the roof after a deep clean is an essential part of the process to retard the regrowth of moss, this will also keep Lichen and fungus at bay which are the other two main types of growth that can make a roof look unsightly. We use a Professional only broad spectrum biocide that we have found to be extremely effective over many years at both cleaning roof tiles and preventing regrowth of moss. Another essential step after the roof clean is to empty out all of the gutters and rainwater goods to ensure correct operation and flow test to check for any leaks or damaged seals. Also cleaning all the Soffits, facias and UPVC means that your newly cleaned roof can really look like new. The final, but one of the most important parts of the roof cleaning and moss removal process is cleaning up, it can be a messy job so we take steps to ensure that items that could be soiled or damaged are moved or covered up. However there is still usually some important cleaning up that is required to ensure your property is left looking like new. We will sweep up any moss and dispose of it appropriately, rinse down all the walls, paths and paving, clean all the gutters Soffits and UPVC to leave the property looking fantastic.

Ongoing maintenance

Whichever method is used, we would always recommended a re-treatment of biocide every 2 years to keep the roof moss free. This is a much quicker process and can often be done from the ground or a standard ladder so this means no more expensive moss removal. This is a fraction of the cost of the moss removal work and means that your roof will continue to look great with minimal cost.

How much does roof cleaning cost?

Every Roof is slightly different and may have different requirements for access equipment. However we own scaffold equipment, roof access ladders and all the correct safety fall arrest systems and we can usually clean most roofs without the need for costly cherry pickers or permanent scaffold, therefore we can offer extremely cost effective solutions to getting the job done.

Safety and Quality is our top priority

Safety is a big consideration when undertaking work on a covered roof. We will provide Risk, Assessments and Method statements including the all important rescue plan when working on your property. We often see people attempting to clean roof in a very unsafe manner where one little slip could mean their death. Or where dropping tools could injure passers by.
You can rest assured that our roof cleaning is safe, the safety of our team, your family and the general public is our top priority. To this end we have undergone specialist rope access training to British Standard with Lyon work and rescue, PASMA, IPAF, general working at height, ladder training, COSHH, and other specialist training for the use of biocides and chemicals. We believe that we have the greatest level of training for roof cleaning currently possible to demonstrate how seriously we take safety and the quality of work that is delivered.