Pest Bird Control

Pest Bird Control

We love to see wild birds in their natural habitat and we fully believe in protecting our birds. However birds in certain circumstances can become a real nuisance by creating a great deal of mess, damage and noise.

We are able to provide a range of humane ways to discourage birds from nesting and moving them on to more suitable areas. Often this will include installing discreet bird spikes to discourage nesting or perhaps netting for really stubborn species. Sparrows, House martins, pigeons and Gulls can all be discouraged this way.

Pest Bird Control South Wales
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Many birds and their nests are protected, for more information see so we first need to identify the species and come up with a suitable, legal and responsible plan to discourage the birds from nesting. We can also clean away birds nests from eves and walls before installing protection methods and clean up and sanitise areas where bird mess has been deposited on buildings. Legally nests can only be cleared away when vacant, so it is advisable to plan ahed if you are experiencing a problem and not to wait until the birds reappear the following year as you may need to wait many months to tackle the problem.

We can also provide a service to control birds for the purposes of crop and livestock protection should you need this. Please call for more information and a tailored plan of protection.