Black Limestone Restoration

Black limestone paving Restoration

Black limestone paving has become increasingly popular in recent years for its jet black appearance. However usually after installation the surface can quickly become dull and fade to a light grey and sometimes this can look quite uneven.

Often paving installers try to combat this by sealing with a regular stone or brick sealer which is totally unsuitable for the job. The photos shown on this page show the effects of where an unsuitable sealer has been used.

Black Limestone Restoration South Wales
Black Limestone Restoration Llanelli

The first job on this project was to remove all of the unsuitable PU type sealer with paint stripper and a steam cleaner. Then the work of restoring the surface could begin. We use a specialist resin based clear sealer. This is not some kind of coating or paint that sits on the surface but rather a clear penetrating sealer that soaks into the substrate giving it the wonderful jet black appearance that is so desirable. Also this sealer protects the substrate from damage by UV acidic rain etc.

Black limestone requires specialist care and attention to get the most out of its unique properties and it is very easy to become damaged if the right amount of care and knowledge is not applied.

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